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Retro Cameras: The Collectors Guide to Vintage Film Photography

An accessible guide to still-usable vintage film cameras: which to buy, where to find them, and how to get the most out of them. Retro Cameras is a stylish guide for a generation that has moved from sharing vintage-filtered digital images via Instagram to embracing “old school” analog film photography and manual cameras of all formats. Quick reference shooting guides accompany each camera type, allowing even a camera phone junkie to quickly come to grips with shooting on film with a vintage camera. More than 100 camera models are included, from 35mm SLRs to Roll Film SLRs and Instant Cameras. With over 400 specially commissioned photographs, an in-depth test drive of each camera type, practical advice on how to use and get the most out of each camera, buyers’ tips, and a dedicated glossary, Retro Cameras is a perfect reference for amateurs and professionals alike. Includes 500+ illustrations.

- John Wade
- 288 pages
- 8.8 W Inches x 8.1 Inches L x 1.1 Inches H
- Hardcover
- W.W. Norton
- 2018
- Item #: 978-0500544907

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