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Rosa: The Story of the Rose

A beautifully illustrated and unique history of the queen of flowers in art, medicine, cuisine, and more. Few flowers have quite the same allure or as significant a place in history as the rose. A symbol of love, power, royalty, beauty, and joy, the rose has played many roles, both literal and symbolic, in poetry, art, literature, music, fashion, medicine, perfume, decoration, cuisine, and more. In this beautifully illustrated guide, award-winning horticulturist Peter E. Kukielski and his coauthor, Charles Phillips, tell the fascinating and many-layered history of this queen of flowers. The book explores many stories from the long association of roses with human societies, from their first cultivation - likely in China some five thousand years ago - to their modern genetic cultivars. It shows how roses have been prominent across time and many cultures, including ancient Greece and Rome, Christianity, Islam, and Sufism. The book, with more than 140 color illustrations, offers a unique look at the essential contributions that roses have made throughout human history.

- Peter E. Kukielski and Charles Phillips
- 256 pages
- 7.52 inches W x 9.7 inches L x 0.6 inches H
- Hardcover
- Yale University Press
- 2021
- Gardens
- Item #: 978-0300251111