Silk Tie - Saint George & the Dragon

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  • This sumptuously patterned silk tie features the image of Saint George and the Dragon.

    - Measures approximately 58 inches L x 3 7/8 inches W
    - 100% printed silk
    - Made in the United Kingdom
    - Item #: 236S

    The traditional image of Saint George is usually that of a man dressed in a suit of armor sitting on a rearing white horse and using his lance to impale a small, gryphon-like dragon. Saint George is popularly known as the patron saint of England, as well as Aragon, Catalonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Moscow, Istanbul, Genoa and Venice. He has been known as the patron saint of soldiers, archers, cavalry, chivalry, farmers, field workers, and riders. He purportedly has helped those suffering from many Medieval ailments. In recent years, he has been adopted as patron saint of the Scouts. He's popularly identified with England and English ideals of honour, bravery and gallantry - but actually he wasn't English at all. Very little, if anything, is known about the real Saint George. Pope Gelasius said that George is one of the saints 'whose names are rightly reverenced among us, but whose actions are known only to God.' Everything about Saint George is dubious, so the information below should be taken as mythical rather than real:

    Born in Cappadocia (an area which is now in Turkey), lived in 3rd century AD, his parents were Christian, later lived in Palestine, became a Roman soldier, protested against Rome's persecution of Christians, imprisoned and tortured, beheaded at Lydda.