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Historical Replica Set of Julius Caesar Coins


  • This historical replica coin set depicts four historical events in the life and death of Julius Caesar. Each coin is a lead free pewter reproduction of an original Roman silver or gold coin.

    Denarius of Caesar the General
    Roman Republic Denarius of Julius Caesar from 49 BCE, used to pay his legions.
    Obverse: Elephant walking right tampling a serpent. CAESAR inscribed under elephant.
    Reverse: Shows a simpulum, sprinkler, axe, and apex (emblems of pontification) which Caesar received from the Senate (Sear 1399).

    Aureus of Caesar the Victor over Gaul
    Roman Republican gold aureus coin of Julius Caesar struck in 49 BCE in Greece to celebrate his conquest of Gaul.
    Obverse: Diadem head of Clementis wreathed with oak leaves.  Numeral 52 denotes the age of Caesar at time of issue.
    Reverse: Trophy of Gallic arms, inscription CAESAR under arms w/axe

    Denarius of Caesar as Politician and Dictator for Life
    Single-sided Roman Republican denarius of Julius Caesar. He orders his portrait on all silver coins. Struck c. 44 BCE, between February and March.
    Obverse: Wreathed head of Caesar, inscribed - CAESAR DIC PERPETUO (Dictator for Life).

    Denarius of Caesar's assassination
    A most famous denarius celebrating the tyrannicide of Caesar on the Ides of March (15th), 44 BCE, by Brutus & fellow conspirators to ensure the survival of the Republic. Minted in 42 BCE.
    Obverse: Portrait of Brutus, inscribed BRUT IMP PLAET CEST.
    Reverse: Pilus (liberty cap) between 2 daggers, inscribed EID MAR (Ides of March).

    Each coin is stamped COPY on the reverse in compliance with the Hobby Protection Act.
  • - Lead-free pewter
    - Item #: DM-6

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