Silk Scarf - Rose Pattern from a Portrait of Marie-Antoinette

SKU: 50449MBS40
  • This scarf, in an elegant satin-striped silk, features a repeated image of a delicate rose - a detail from a portrait of Marie-Antoinette by Élisabeth Louise Vigée LeBrun. The subtle drape of gray silk is reminiscent of the soft tones in the painting.

    - Scarf measures 55 inches x 16 inches (140 cm x 40 cm)
    - Sleeve measures: 9.5 inches x 9.5 inches x 3/16 inches 
    - Dry clean only
    - Made in France
    - Item #: 50449MBS40

    Élisabeth Louise Vigée LeBrun (1755-1842) was a well-known portraitist in her time. This famous painting from 1783 is one of several depicting Marie-Antoinette holding a rose, a symbol of beauty, where the artist shows us a very royal yet human sovereign.