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Smart Moon Lamp

This extraordinary levitating Smart Moon Lamp could light up your whole world.

This gravity-defying moon lamp seems to magically ‘float’ above a walnut wood base and slowly rotates just like the real elliptical orbiting moon. Made with safe PLA material, this 3D printed full moon even has a textured surface just like the moon’s own craters and glows ethereally as it emits a cool white light. Suspended by a strong built-in magnet, it creates a fascinating and life-like illusion of the real thing.

- 3 light modes:  warm white, white, and yellow warm
- Walnut wood base
- Moon is 5.25 inches diameter 
- Wood base is 4.75 inches sq. x 1.25 inches H 
- Power input 12V 1 AD adapter included
- Not a toy.Not for Children under the ages of 12.
- Lamp contains powerful magnets in the base and the moon lamp.
- WARNINGS: Keep 7.75 inches away from Computers, Cell phones, Cameras and Credit Cards.
- Not suitable or recommended for any people with heart disease.
- Item #: G019WT