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Soldier Cameo Tie Tack

These Italian cameos were entirely engraved by hand on seashell by skilled carvers using traditional techniques in Torre del Greco. This tie tack depicts a profile of a Roman soldier with a 14K gold-plated setting. Each one-of-a-kind piece is guaranteed by Mr. Gennaro Borriello's signature on the back of the cameo.

- Dimensions: 3/4 inch L x 1/2 inch W
- Materials: 14K gold plate, sterling silver, seashell
- Made in Italy
- Item #: 101420GG

Cameos, gems with motifs carved in relief, were introduced in the Hellenistic period but only became popular in the Roman era. Often carved from layered colored stones, most cameos display the decoration in a lighter layer against a dark background. Beautifully carved ancient gems can be found throughout the Getty Villa's Antiquities collection.