Spot the Difference: Out and About

SKU: 978-1465455994
  • Playful interactivity, learning, and fun come together in Spot the Difference: Out and About, which encourages children ages 2–5 to recognize patterns and use logical thinking skills to spot the odd ones out. Colorful photos, bright backgrounds, and visual humor encourage children to find the shoe among the slides, the crab in the sandbox, and much more. There are plenty of easy-to-spot differences on every page, and amazing facts and questions encourage further interactivity and aid in gentle learning. It's the perfect board book for little ones to learn about the city, the park, the supermarket, and other everyday places and have fun doing it. Can you spot the difference?

    - DK Authors
    - 16 pages
    - 7 inches W x 9 inches L x 0.7 inch H
    - Board book
    - Penguin Random House
    - Ages 2 - 5
    - 2017
    - Item #: 978-1465455994