Tall Etruscan Sculpture (16" H) - Cast Brass Reproduction

SKU: 80M
  • The Etruscans were a civilization that inhabited central Italy from the first millennium BC before the Romans basically wiped them out. They settled in hill towns, areas rich in natural resources (especially metals). Their independent city states – twelve of them – gathered in a League at Volterra in modern-day Tuscany (like Fiesole, Volterra, Cortona, Tarquinia, Populonia), though some were in Umbria (Orvieto, Perugia, and Todi). 

    Exclusive to the Getty.
  • - Dimensions: 4" L x 16" H x 2" W
    - Black Finish Cast Brass
    - Handcrafted in, and imported from, Italy
    - Item #: 80M