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The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities: A Yearbook of Forgotten Words

  • A whole year's worth of linguistic curiosities, just waiting to be discovered. Open the Cabinet to leap back in time, learn about linguistic trivia, follow a curious thread or wonder at the web of connections in the English language.

    1 January:
    quaaltagh (n.) the first person you meet on New Year's Day

    1 April:
    dorbellist (n.) a fool, a dull-witted dolt

    12 May:
    word-grubber (n.) someone who uses obscure or difficult words in everyday conversation

    25 September:
    theic (adj.) an excessive drinker of tea

    24 December:
    doniferous (adj.) carrying a gift

    Paul Anthony Jones has unearthed a wealth of strange and forgotten words: illuminating some aspect of the day, or simply telling a cracking good yarn, each reveals a story. Written with a light touch that belies the depth of research it contains, this is both a fascinating compendium of etymology and a captivating historical miscellany. Dip into this beautiful book to be delighted and intrigued throughout the year.

    - Paul Anthony Jones
    - 384 pages
    - 5.8 Inches W x 8.6 Inches L x 1.2 Inches H
    - Hardcover
    - University of Chicago Press
    - 2019
    - Item#:  978-0226646701