Falcon Horus Sculpture

SKU: RE000004
  • Hand painted resin reproduction of a sculpture of the Falcon Horus, cast from the original in basalt, housed at the Louvre Museum in Paris - Egypt Circa 2nd Century A.D..

    - Includes certificate of authenticity
    - Dimensions: 7 1/2 inches H x 6 inches D x 3 inches W (including base) 
    - Item#: RE000004

    The undisputed master of the egyptian sky, the peregrine falcon was considered to be a divine animal. Several gods, mainly Horus, were represented in the form of a falcon or a hawk-headed man. The bird, in this case, is portrayed standing still, in a deliberately simplified and massive shape. The eyes of the original statue are inlaid with flint and express the cruelty of a bird of prey. The ancient Egyptians had elaborated a metaphysical system based on the "Eye of Horus", which symbolized universal fertility. The two eyes of the falcon-god were sometimes compared to the sun and the moon but their yellow color is a recent addition (probably 19th century).