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The Radiant Lives of Animals

From a celebrated Chickasaw writer, a spiritual meditation, in prose and poetry, on our relationship to the animal world, in an illustrated gift package. Concerned that human lives and the natural world are too often defined by people who are separated from the land and its inhabitants, Indigenous writer and environmentalist Linda Hogan depicts her own intense relationships with animals as an example we all can follow to heal our souls and reconnect with the spirit of the world. From her modest forest home in Colorado, and venturing throughout the region, especially to her beloved Oklahoma, she introduces us to horses, pack rats, snakes, mountain lions, elks, wolves, bees, and so many others whose presence has changed her life. In this illuminating collection of essays and poems, lightly sprinkled with elegant drawings, Hogan draws on many Native nations' ancient stories and spiritual traditions to show us that the soul exists in those delicate places where the natural world extends into human consciousness--in the mist of morning, the grass that grew a little through the night, the first warmth of this morning's sunlight. Altogether, this beautifully packaged gift is a reverential reminder for all of us to witness and appreciate the radiant lives of animals.

Mythical beasts and the animal world are represented in many of the Getty’s collection of illuminated manuscripts and medieval bestiaries.

- Linda Hogan
- 112 pages
- 5.7 Inches W x 7.6 Inches L x 0.7 Inch H
- Hardcover
- Beacon Press
- 2020
- Item #: 978-0807047927