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Van Eyck in Detail - Portable

This fascinating book views the work of Flemish painter Jan van Eyck (c. 1395-1441) under a magnifying glass. Van Eyck studied fauna and flora in their natural environment and under carefully chosen light conditions and then achieved a breathtaking and convincing realism in his paintings. Each work is a collection of minuscule details rendered with superb clarity or at least that is the viewer's first impression. As this book reveals, Van Eyck's exceptional talent was his understanding of how the human brain supplements visual perception. Here, full reproductions of his work as well as close-up details.

- Annick Born and Maximiliaa P.J. Martens
- 256 pages
- 6.4 Inches W x 8.1 Inches L x 1.1 Inches H
- Hardcover
- Harry N. Abrams
- 2020
- Item #: 978-1419744150