Vasa Small Multicolor Acrylic Cube - Sold Individually

  • In the 1960s, Vasa developed techniques for working with cast laminated acrylic forms based on simple Euclidean shapes. These prisms of luminous construction are created by composing colored planes within these geometric forms. To fully appreciate these works of art, it is essential to observe them from different angles―the sculptures dimensionality contributes to an ever-changing appearance.

    With an advanced understanding of optical complexities, Vasa has become, in the words of Henry Seldis, former art critic of The Los Angeles Times, "the most sensuous and sensational colorist of the southern California artists working in plastic." His work was included in the seminal exhibition American Sculpture of the Sixties at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 1967 and in other museum and university exhibits.

    Except for a brief stay in New York, Vasa has lived in California since his arrival in the United States from Yugoslavia in the early 60s. Here in his comprehensive studio, located in the heart of Los Angeles and designed and built to accommodate the machinery, staff and advanced technology required for his work, Vasa creates and makes all of his art. Vasa is currently a senior Professor of Design at the University of California, Los Angeles.

    Due to the nature of this process, colors are unique to each piece and may vary from the photo.

    Note: Price is for one 1-5/8" cube. Please allow us to select a color for you.

    - Made in Southern California
    - One 1-5/8" cube
    - Item #: CUBE10CB