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You Are Never Alone



  • This new picture book explores how humans are inextricably connected to nature. This book draws examples from the clouds and the cosmos, the seafloor and the surface of our skin, to show how we are never alone: we are always surrounded and supported by nature. Whether it’s gravity holding us tight; our lungs breathing oxygen synthesized by plants; the countless microorganisms that build our immunity; or the whales whose waste fertilizes the plankton that feed the fish we eat: nature touches every aspect of how we live.

    - Elin Kelsey (Author), Soyeon Kim (Illustrator)
    - 32 pages
    - 8.6 inches W x 10.5 inches L x 0.5 inches H
    - Hardcover
    - Ages 4 - 8
    - Publishers Group West
    - 2019
    - Item #: 978-1771473156

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