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Biodeterioration of Stone in Tropical Environments: An Overview

  • Rakesh Kumar and Anuradha V. Kumar

    A serious challenge for professionals involved in the conservation of cultural heritage sites in tropical environments is the biodeterioration of stone. This volume discusses the types and causes of stone biodeterioration in hot and humid climates, preventive and remedial methods, selection of chemical treatments, status of current research, and areas for further investigation. The scientific findings presented in this book come from research on stone in monuments and sites in Asia and South and Central America.

    Rakesh Kumar is technical director at United Panel Inc. in Bethel, Pennsylvania. He was formerly a research fellow at the Getty Conservation Institute, where he began the research for this publication. Anuradha V. Kumar is an architectural conservator with Building Conservation Associates in Dedham, Massachusetts.

    "The book's format follows a rigorous and lucid research methodology."
    —Journal of Preservation Technology

    "The book succeeds as a survey and compilation of the resources available on stone biodeterioration. The references section alone is a great read."
    —APT Bulletin

    88 pages
    8 1/2 x 11 inches
    ISBN 978-0-89236-550-0

    Getty Publications
    Imprint: Getty Conservation Institute