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Roman Coin Reproduction - Caesar's Conquest of Gaul

  • Caesar’s earliest coins were minted during his military campaigns, where he used a mint that traveled with his army.  This gold coin represents his military conquest of Gaul from 58 to 50 B.C.

    Caesar claimed the image of the Goddess Venus as his ancestress and divine patron.  The letters 'LII' behind the female head has long been an indication of Julius Caesar’s age, placing the issue firmly within the year 48 B.C.

    - Diameter: 26 mm 
    - Material: Silver plated lead free pewter 
    - Made in the USA 
    - Packaged in a coin collecting flip with the description of coin printed on flip insert.
    - Coin complies with the Hobby Act and is stamped 'copy'
    - Item #: CGS-01