Venus - Reproduction

This marble reproduction was cast from a mold of an original Roman sculpture of Venus in the Antiquities Collection at the Getty Villa dated from about 2nd century A.D.

Venus, the goddess of love, stands nude grasping a piece of cloth around her hips. The dolphin at her feet supports the figure and alludes to the goddess birth from the sea. This statue is a Roman reproduction of one of the Hellenistic variants. In 1509 it was discovered in Rome, where it contributed to the Renaissance revival of the Classical tradition.

- Material: Bonded Marble
- Dimensions: H: 7 x W: 2 1/2 x D: 2 inches
- Gift box included
- Item #: MRVENUS

Source Object:
Title Statue of Venus (the Mazarin Venus)
Artist/Maker: Unknown
Culture: Roman
Place: Roman Empire
Date: 2nd century A.D.
Medium: Marble
Object Number: 54.AA.11
Dimensions: 184 cm (72 7/16 inches)