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Look, it's Woof Woof Dog

Introducing an exciting, multi-sensory board book series written by Camilla Reid, with illustrations from acclaimed collage artist Clare Youngs!

Preschoolers will adore Clare Youngs' friendly animals, with their high-contrast collage artwork, decorative foil highlights, and signature animal noises...and there's a tiny creature hidden behind a tuggable felt flap on each spread, too!

In this book, you'll meet Munch Munch Rabbit, Glub Glub Fish, Quack Quack Duck, and Woof Woof Dog herself. With a final "recap" page of animal noises, and the question, "But what noise do YOU make?", little readers will enjoy lifting the last flap and saying hello to themselves in the surprise mirror!

- Camilla Reid (Author) Clare Youngs (Illustrator)
- 12 pages
- 6.8 inches W x 7.8 inches L
- Board Book
- Nosy Crow
- Baby to 3
- 2023
- Children's
- Item #: 979-8887770031