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Secrets of the Forest

Every forest contains a thousand secrets . . . In this charming anthology of stories readers will be guided into forests to meet the amazing animals that live there. In one story a squirrel hunts for an elusive acorn it buried earlier in the year, while another looks at an Alaskan wood frog as it freezes itself alive to survive a harsh winter. Children will be thrilled by the tale of a reindeer that gets separated from its herd and marvel at a chameleon changing color.

Other stories feature elephants, wild cats, pangolins, badgers, foxes, monarch butterflies, otters, walking fish, a tree that can live for thousands of years, and even forest-dwelling penguins!

At the end of each tale readers will find out more about the science that inspired the story.

- Alicia Klepeis (Author) Kristen Adam (Illustrator)
- 160 pages
- 8.8 inches W x 10.3 inches L
- Hardcover
- Neon Squid
- Ages 5 to 8
- 2023
- Children’s
- Item #: 978-1684493111