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Jasper Cabochon Spiral Post Earrings

These unique earrings are inspired by William Blake's Satan Exulting over Eve, a work of art from the Getty Museum's collection. Each piece of jewelry consists of highly polished banded jasper, emulating the nuances of color in Blake's drawing. Made in New York City, exclusively for the Getty.

Please note that each jasper stone is unique, therefore colors and patterns may vary.

- Dimensions: 1 7/8 inches L x 5/8 inch W
- Materials: Jasper, hematite
- Posts: Titanium
- Made in the USA
- Item #: NH-E147

Satan hovers in malevolent glory over Eve, who is entwined by his alter ego, the serpent of the Garden of Eden. The uneven, fibrous, opaque color of the ground under Eve distinguishes this area as printed, while the even sweep of the red washes shows that the flames behind Satan are mostly watercolor, a medium William Blake often used because he liked its transparent quality.

Satan Exulting over Eve
William Blake (British, 1757 - 1827)
Graphite, pen and black ink, and watercolor, over a color print
Unframed: 16 3/4 × 21 1/16 in.