Chalcidian Helmet - Reproduction

This resin reproduction was cast from a mold of an original Greek helmet in the Antiquities Collection at the Getty Villa dated from about 350-300 B.C.

With its extensive decoration, this helmet is more likely to have served as a ceremonial function. The helmet includes a griffin on the crest, flanked by wings above the ears, and spring like coils inside the wings which would have held feather plumes. The top of the helmet features a diadem and locks of hair surrounding it and the cheekpieces are decorated with strands of a beard.

- Material: Resin with metal coils
- Dimensions: H: 4 1/2 x W: 2 1/2 x D: 4 inches 
- Gift box included
- Item #: MRHELM

Source Object
Title: Helmet of Chalcidian
Artist/Maker: Unknown
Culture: Greek (South Italian)
Date: 250-300 B.C.
Medium: Bronze
Object Number: 93.AC.27
Dimensions: 27.9 × 20 × 66.4 cm (11 × 7 7/8 × 26 1/8 inches)