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Heraldic Roundel Stained Glass Ornament

Reproduction of stained glass roundel in the collection of the Getty Center Museum, Los Angeles.

- Dimensions: 3.5 inches Diameter
- Materials: Glass with Satin Ribbon
- Made in the USA
- Item #: ORNSG2

This roundel displays an armorial achievement – a full display of the heraldic symbols for a member of a noble family. These elements comprise a shield, helmet, crest (distinctive feature above the helmet), and mantling (cloak-like decoration behind a coat of arms). This shield has the charge (heraldic motif) of a gold ladder on a patterned blue field (ground). The crest is a pair of wings similarly charged. The mantling, in the form of wide densely curled leaves, is of the colors (both blue and gold). All is set against a circular damasked field within a plain border.

Heraldic Roundel with the Arms of Ebra
German, about 1480–1490
The J. Paul Getty Museum, 2003.57
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