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Chalcidian Helmet - Reproduction

The ancient bronze helmet that inspired this reproduction, with its unusually elaborate decoration, is a variation of the Chalcidian type made in southern Italy. Chalcidian helmets were lighter and less cumbersome than other Greek helmets and are distinguished by the hinged cheekpieces.

On the peak of the helmet is a griffin’s head flanked by wings above the ears. Spring-like coils just inside the wings originally would have held tall feather plumes. Engraved on the brow of the helmet are a diadem and the locks of hair surrounding it. Although damaged, the cheekpieces depict strands of a beard and an animal, perhaps a goat.

Dating from 300–350 BC, richly ornamented helmets such as this were probably not worn in battle; instead, they may have served a ceremonial function as parade armor.

- Material: Resin with metal coils
- Dimensions: H: 4 1/2 x W: 2 1/2 x D: 4 inches 
- Gift box included
- Item #: MRHELM

Source Object
Title: Helmet of Chalcidian
Artist/Maker: Unknown
Culture: Greek (South Italian)
Date: 250-300 B.C.
Medium: Bronze
Object Number: 93.AC.27
Dimensions: 27.9 × 20 × 66.4 cm (11 × 7 7/8 × 26 1/8 inches)