The Dance of the Bees

Enter the world of bees and discover their wonderful powers. A beautiful hymn to nature featuring haikus set in a quiet corner of Japan. It was summertime when an old lady and her granddaughter decided to spend more time together and make the most out of it by walking through the countryside. Grandma was passionate about nature and she enjoyed feeling surrounded by trees and animals, but what she liked the most was watching bees. The little girl enjoyed listening to her grandmother tell her about the amazing life of bees and their extremely important mission for life on our planet. Not a day went by that they did not visit the bees and the girl always learned something new, like that day when she discovered what the dance of the bees was. With each passing day, their bond grew stronger and stronger, and all thanks to those little insects. But after the years, the little girl, now a woman, returns with her son to the place where her grandmother's house was and, thanks to the dance of the bees, they will discover something that they will never be able to forget.

- Fran Nuno (Author), Zuzanna Celej (Illustrator), Jon Brokenbrow (Translator)
- 32 pages
- 9.3 inches W x 9.3 inches L
- Hardcover
- Cuento de Luz
- Ages 4 to 8
- 2021
- Children's
- Item #: 978-8418302275