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The Hittites: Lost Civilizations

An accessible introduction to the Bronze Age culture in Asia Minor.

Famed for their warriors, the Hittites flourished in the region of modern Turkey from the seventeenth to thirteenth centuries BC. In this book, archaeologist Damien Stone explores the rich history of the Hittite civilization beyond their skill in battle, from religious reverence for the sun and storms to eclectic rock carvings which survive to this day. Stone describes the colorful succession of Hittite rulers, complete with assassinations, intrigue, and an evil stepmother, but he also parses the development of the Hittite language and considers the Hittites' legacy in religion, art, and culture today. In short, The Hittites is a wide-ranging, accessible introduction to this vibrant ancient culture.

- Damien Stone
- 192 pages
- 5.5 inches W x 8.5 inches L
- Hardcover
- Reaktion Books
- 2023
- History
- Item #: 978-1789146844