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Calligraphy Set - Red Feather Quill Pen - Cupid Decoration

  • This calligraphy set features an embellished pewter pen with a dyed red feather 11" in length, two additional sizes of calligraphy stainless steel nibs, and an inkwell. The pewter pen is decorated with Cupid, the God of love and desire, in the center of the embellished feather support.  Nib size and width determine letter height and the weight of the script.

    Each calligraphy set is handmade in Italy by craftsmen with generations of experience. Using only the finest materials, these calligraphy tools retain traditional, historic design with a timeless charm.

    Packaged in a decorative antique map box.
    - Box: 14.5" L x 4.5" W x 2" H
    - Item #: PIU25ROS

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