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Bookmark - Hercules Mosaic Floor

This vivid metal bookmark captures a detail from the magnificent opus sectile in the Getty Villa Museum's Temple of Hercules.

- Dimensions: 1 1/8 inches W x 3.75 inches H (not including tassle)
- Metal electro-plated with a gold finish and a tassel cord
- Made in USA
- Item #: GBMHMF

The mosaic reproduces a first-century pavement from the Villa dei Papiri at Herculaneum. Decorating a scenic pavillion overlooking the Bay of Naples, the original Roman floor was the first architectural feature discovered by workers excavating a well in 1750. Its geometric pattern of concentric circles of triangles is composed of yellow giallo antico and dark gray africano marbles, with dark green porphyry and red rosso antico arrows at the center.