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Greek Belly Amphora Vase - Herakles

  • This stunning Greek amphora vase features a depiction of Herakles. Often referred to as a belly amphora, an amphora vase is a wide-mouthed jar with vertical handles on both sides and a wide body. The amphora was used as general-purpose container that could hold liquid (honey, milk, oil, wine or water), dry goods, or small foods such as olives.

    - Terracotta clay
    - 8 inches high x 5 inches diameter x 3 inches diameter base
    - Dust gently; wipe with damp cloth
    - For decorative use only - not food safe
    - Handcrafted in Athens, Greece 
    - Item #: amph herk 20

    Located at the base of the Acropolis in the Plaka, the oldest section of Athens, is a charming workshop and gallery where artisan Sofia Gani creates intricately detailed replicas of classical Greek Vases. Beautifully hand-painted, Sofia meticulously reproduces Corinthian, Geometric, Red or Black Figure designs on each unique terracotta piece.