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Cast Bronze Hand

  • This small-scale cast bronze hand sculpture is a delicate take on one of the most useful, beautiful, and expressive parts of our body. Hands show so much about a person and are a constant source of fascination for the artist.

    Anne Ricketts carves and sculpts all of her own work. The bronze pieces are then locally cast in California and hand polished. The results are inspired sculptures with a richness that recaptures the artistry of the past.

    - Item Dimensions: 3 inches L x 1.75 inches W x 0.75 inch H
    - Item #: HAND

    Artist's statement: "The expression of the human form is something I am always drawn to and moved by. I carve in small form and miniature because there is something so wonderful about sculpture that can be touched, held, and carried. Often I think sculpture is meant to be touched, as we are as humans". Ricketts only uses local family-owned foundries in California - supporting small businesses while following the state's strict environmental laws for metal casting.

    The artist's work has been featured in The Huffington Post, InStyle, The L.A.Times, California Home Design, and OUT Magazine.