Edgar Degas - The Fourteen Year Old Dancer

Edgar Degas after his fiftieth birthday was increasingly dependent on his sense of touch and so he started to turn from painting to sculpture. He worked on the Fourteen year old Dancer for 2 years. After he had carefully sculpted the body, he had the clothes custom made: the bodice, the net dancing skirt and the ballet shoes. On top of the bodice he then worked again with wax, so this was to become a solid part of the figure when it was cast in bronze. It's a lifelike sculpture, with her chin lifted into the air, her immature body, the girl is standing before us, ready to start moving, at the same time she seems motionless and timeless-so characteristic of true art.

- Packaged in Styrofoam and boxed
- 8 inches height x 4 inches square
- Resin figurine with lace net skirt: 6 inches height x 2.5 inches square wood base
- Item#:DE03-16