Lyra Two Panel Glass Sculpture

The Lyra two panel sculpture features folded green and blue veils with a clear exterior.

Pennsylvania artist, Ed Kachurik, has been creating glass sculpture for more than two decades. Ed uses a technique of treating the hot glass surface, known as veiling. Veiling is a metallic coating that is applied to the hot glass, and then covered with clear glass, thus trapping the color inside the sculpture.

Each piece is a unique design, crafted and polished by hand, and signed by the artist.

Due to the unique nature of each piece slight variations in size and color can be expected.

Modern glassmaking employs historic techniques that date back to around 1500 BC in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, later refined and popularized by the ancient Romans in the 1st century BC. Glass production continued to progress in Italy over the centuries, and by the 1200s, become a major industry and lucrative profession for artisans working on the island of Venice. Artworks spanning the history of glass can be found throughout the Getty Museum’s collections. All glass production begins with a sand base of silica, soda ash, and lime. The sand is heated to extreme temperatures and allowed to cool down, then be shaped into objects, vessels, and jewelry, by blowing through a tube or pouring into a pre-formed mold. We celebrate glassmaking in all forms and the maintenance of these traditional techniques through the work of contemporary artists and studios.

- Dimensions: Approx. 6.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches
- Item#: I55SFGBCL