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Medieval Panel Reproduction - The Virgin Mary

Detail reproduction of a 14th century Italian panel painting by Bernardo Daddi featuring exquisite renderings of the Virgin Mary. Handmade in Italy exclusively for Getty by skilled Florentine artisans rising historic craft techniques including gilding a decorative application of thin sheets of gold leaf and tooling where patterns of intricate marks are punched into wood surface.

- Dimensions: 10.125 inches H x 4.625 inches W x 0.75 inches D
- Materials: Wood
- Made in Italy
- Item #: MPNL03

This reproduction highlights the middle panel detail of the triptych. The panel displays the Virgin Mary wearing a deep rich blue cloak made from ultramarine or lapis lazuli, a very precious and expensive pigment. A pattern of intricate marks called tooling, punched into the gold, defines the halo around her head. The background of the panel is covered with a thin layer of gold leaf, but the impression is of solid gold, meant to honor the holy figures depicted.

As if she is extending into our space, the Virgin Mary reaches over the marble parapet with her right hand. This gesture symbolizes the holy Mother's power and mercy, and her unique position to serve for man as a compassionate link to God.